March 24, 2012

Inspired by socks

When you think there's nothing else to invent in the athletic shoe category, here comes Nike again to prove us wrong. Very cool and promising innovation... inspired by socks. Who would have thought?

Great article in Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Is Nike's Flyknit The Swoosh of the Future?

3:14 minutes for an amazing shopping experience

I just came out of the Apple Store at the Dadeland Mall in Miami. It took me just 3:14 minutes the new Ipad, from ordering it with one of the sales attendants, to swiping my card and out of the store. It's not only about superior design, apps and reliability. Apple continues to amaze me in when it comes to the buying experience. Remarkable.

March 10, 2012

Oreo 100th Birthday Party | Worldwide

Back from New York this week where I had the opportunity of going to the Oreo 100th celebration in Union Square. Here's how the world's favorite cookie was celebrated from Shanghai to Dubai to Bogota...

March 3, 2012