August 31, 2014

Smart packaging for frequent fliers

As a frequent flier, it's not easy travelling with personal care products with the restrictions on liquids, aerosols and gels.  So, since I use contacts, I was happy to see that Bausch+Lomb's Bio True multi-purpose solution launched a flight pack that even comes with the infamous zip bag - a simple idea to pack the essentials.

August 22, 2014

BBVA sponsoring the El Celler de Can Roca 2014 Tour

Here at BBVA, this is turning out to be a very special summer.  We're sponsoring the El Celler de Can Roca - the World's #2 Restaurant in the World. - Tour through the Americas.  Three culinary geniuses: Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca taking their culinary magic to clients in Houston, Dallas, Mexico City, Bogotá and Lima.  Besides the unique experience we're providing to clients, the Roca Brothers are researching local ingredients, scouting new talent who will earn scolarships in Girona and ultimately contributing to improve the culinary scene in the countries where they visit. Something never done before.

Today, I was happy to read in El País - the leading newspaper in the Spanish-speaking world - the impact this tour is generating.

Pretty cool sponsorship for a bank.

I'd love to go to Kenya to check out M-Pesa

In the world for mobile payments and microfinancing, a lot has been published about China's Alipay but it seems like Kenya's M-Pesa is also a case to study.  Amazing indicators: 17 Million users (one third of the country's population) with transactions equivalent to 31% of Kenya's GDP.

I'd lovt to go check it out.  What consumer dynamics are driving such strong usage, what can we learn that can apply to other markets?