August 21, 2013

Transformations in society require more innovation in banking

New video on how transformations in society are forcing companies around the World to put more focus on innovation. Here at BBVA, we're committed in continuously developing innovative banking products and services for a new way of banking. More to come...

August 7, 2013

LigaBBVA is the most followed banking Twitter account

Here at BBVA, we're celebrating a milestone in our LigaBBVA social media strategy:
1 Million Twitter followers! 

Read article published in Visible Banking by Christophe Langlois, who tracks 3,000+ Twitter accounts in the financial space (banks, insurance, cards, payments) and reports that the LigaBBVA is currently the most followed banking Twitter account in the World.

August 6, 2013

Three great examples of the farmer to table movement

Everytime I travel, I try to visit a local market.  Since the beginning of the summer vacation, my wife and I have been to three wonderful markets in the past ten days.  Mercado de San Anton in Madrid, Marche de Vieux Port in Quebec and the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto (video below).  With the growth of the farmer to table movement all around the World, cities are renovating, celebrating and converting their markets into cultural centers.  It's a great way to get a pulse on a city's culinary vibe.  There's always something new to learn from talking to local vendors.

Immortal Fans

A few weeks ago at work, this video inspired us and opened a debate on how we need to evolve our sports marketing sponsorships.  The challenge for any marketing organization today is how to bring more social responsibility in the things we do, in the way we engage with our consumers, in the positions we take.  Not an easy task but certainly one that brings more purpose to our role in society.

Sport Club Recife, a Brazilian professional soccer team, has launched a program called Importal Fans which is a wonderful example of how you can combine the passion of sports with a true social movement that transcends the sport itself.