June 27, 2010

iPad creates a whole new reading experience

Reading to my daughters has always been part of our family evening go-to-bed ritual. Now that our daugthers are getting older, it's fascinating to see how they are enjoying a completely new reading experience with our iPad.


As I help them download new books, it's interesting to see how some publishing houses and media groups are rapidly understanding that creating books takes on a whole new meaning. Stories and illustrations can move, morph, transform and become totally interactive.

An entirely new experience that will certainly influence a new generation of readers. This is an example of what books are becoming....

June 25, 2010

On the Cannes shortlist

Today I received a phone call from Wilson Pereira, our account executive from AlmapBBDO telling me that our Doritos TV campaign "Wanna share something with friends, share a Doritos" made it to the Cannes 2010 Shortlist.... cool!

June 12, 2010

Toddy's Moooooovement of truth

Last year, we launched a very successful campaign for our Toddy® business in Brazil called "Toddy the flavor of truth". Brand loyalists love how Toddy has always been about authenticity... a certain unpretencious coolness. Brazilian millenials identify with the brand's iconic cows and their very Brazilian-style irreverence. The campaign idea is rather simple. You either say the truth or you get a moooooooo from the cows. You're either real, authentic, cool or you get a moooooo.

Hundreds of different moooos are being posted in social networks and forums by people all over the country. It has become a fun way to protest against anything that's not real.

The campaign was created by PeraltaStrawberryFrog.

Here are the two latest spots which start airing this weekend. Come join the mooooovement.


Wallpaper* June edition 'Born in Brazil'

If you've got a thing for Brazil or just curious to get into the vibe of what's going on in this beautiful country.... pick up the June edition of Wallpaper* - one of the coolest magazines around with cover story "Born in Brazil - a warm wellcome from the most exciting country on earth". It was a great read flying back from Curitiba this week.

Different than other publications, Wallpaper* set up a temporary office in São Paulo to live, breathe and get a true inside view of why this place is finally happening.

June 5, 2010

Brazil's little piece of chocolate heaven

France has truffles... Brazil has the brigadeiro.... a little chocolate sin served at birthday parties and as a dessert around the country. Nobody knows brigadeiros like Juliana Motter, founder of Maria Brigadeiro. Until recently, she would only take reservations by phone but now Juliana opened a storefront in one of São Paulo's cool neighborhoods. We went there last night to buy a gift box.

If you're ever in São Paulo and you get a craving for chocolate... here's the address:

Rua Capote Valente, 68

June 1, 2010

World's first display made from reclyced chip bags

Last week, here at PepsiCo Brazil we started to roll-out an exciting new product display for our line of snacks. The news is that is the world's first display made 100% from recycled chip bags. In fact, 675 chip bags are used to make each display. By the end of the year, we will be producing 25,000 displays to be placed in stores all over Brazil.

We're working with waste management coops in São Paulo which are collecting chip bags as part of a larger post-consumer packaging program that we're deploying in partnership with TerraCycle - the world's most innovative eco-friendly manufucturers.

This initiative means, that in the next six months, 16.8 million bags won't go to landfills.