June 12, 2010

Toddy's Moooooovement of truth

Last year, we launched a very successful campaign for our Toddy® business in Brazil called "Toddy the flavor of truth". Brand loyalists love how Toddy has always been about authenticity... a certain unpretencious coolness. Brazilian millenials identify with the brand's iconic cows and their very Brazilian-style irreverence. The campaign idea is rather simple. You either say the truth or you get a moooooooo from the cows. You're either real, authentic, cool or you get a moooooo.

Hundreds of different moooos are being posted in social networks and forums by people all over the country. It has become a fun way to protest against anything that's not real.

The campaign was created by PeraltaStrawberryFrog.

Here are the two latest spots which start airing this weekend. Come join the mooooovement.


1 comment:

Carol Berardinelli de Oliveira said...

As vacas continuam originais e com um humor e astral fantástico!
Mas o poder desta nova campanha está no engajamento para o movimento de atitude genuína / audaciosa / corajosa que com certeza é super aspiracional para o target. Promete continuar fazendo esta marca ter muita atitude e brilhar!!!