August 18, 2010

eQlibri - Brazil's new line of healthy snacks for women

eQlibri - our brand new line of healthy snacks for women - was launched a few weeks ago and is getting great reviews from trade customers around Brazil. eQlibri comes in two product formats:

eQlibri breadchips - a mini baguette-shaped breadchip that comes in two great-tasting flavors: mild cheese & herbs and parma ham, in a 40g stand-up pouch.

eQlibri crackers - a very light cracker in three flavors: mozzarella & basil, hint of lime and an original flavor. The crackers come in a 100g box, an ideal size for sharing and in a 100-calorie 23g single-serve package designed for on-the-go consumption.

August 17, 2010

Fortune for iPad

It's becoming a nice habit, after putting the girls to bed, to search through the Apple App Store to find interesting content to download. Last night, I had a chance of reading through one of the editions of Fortune Magazine for iPad. I really enjoyed it. Clean graphic design with fun-to-read business stories and interactive articles like one on FM Global which was great. As a marketing guy, it was interesting to see how advertisers are jumping on board using video resources (like an ad from IBM called 'Conversations on a smarter planet'). I can easily see Brazilian business publications borrowing a page from this initiative as they figure out how to play in this fascinating space.

Worth checking it out.

August 15, 2010

Time to open up

I finished reading "Open Innovation - How Social Technology Can Transform The Way You Lead" by Charlene Li (author of "Groundswell"). I wasn't unable to attend Charlene's speech here in São Paulo earlier this year, so I was happy when my friend Alexandre Peralta gave me her latest book. The book is a guide on how to manage, communicate and navgate in this new (and sometimes intimidating) socially networked world full of interesting stories of how some companies and leaders are getting it right.

For information on the openess journey, go to

I also found this short video of Charlene Li talking about her new book.

August 11, 2010

No TV at home.... time for the iPad

It's been over a month since we've been living without a TV at home (I'd rather not mention what happened....) and it's interesting to see how much the whole Family has been reading much more than before. The girls and I have been spending a few hours after dinner downloading and reading books on the iPad. We just love it. Last night, after they went to sleep, I continued on the iPad but this time reading through the Cool Hunting app which is absolutely essential for anyone working on innovation. It's a great way to read a bit about what's going on in other markets without having to travel at all.

I can't get over how e-books will transform the publishing business in a big way and certainly engage a new generation of readers. An awesome disruptive revolution in the making.

August 4, 2010

Creating a purpose-driven organization

Yesterday, I was invited to a presentation that was truly inspiring. Especially inspiring for anyone who is interested or determined in creating a purpose-driven brand or company. It was a presentation by BrightHouse - an ideation corporation which is now in Brazil represented by the Grupo Troiano de Branding. They talked about how they are helping companies generate master ideas through what they call the 4I's Process (investigation, incubation, illumination and illustration).

What blew me away were two case studies of how the process is brought to life. Instead of yet another powerpoint, the work is presented in an inspirational video fromat. The film carves a very defined positioning and lays out what purpose a specific brand should have. The videos were insightful, using powerful words & imagery, elevating the brand story to a different place. Great work.