February 28, 2014

Need to consciously pause during downtime

This morning, during my bus commute to the office I was stuck to my ipad reading the Financial Times headlines, an article on mobile shopping in Brazil's Exame, checked calendar and inbox to prepare for day, sent a LinkedIn message to a friend in Rio who started a new job.  By the time I left the elevator on my floor, I was half way through a fantastic EY global consumer banking survey.  A quick burger for lunch reading sports news on marca.com and checking our very own ligaBBVA.com.  

From screen to screen.  

I realize I need to consciously pause during downtime to reconnect with what's around me.  After I spoke to a co-worker about this, he sent me a YouTube link of a Coke campaign called Social Media Guard, that is based exactly on that insight.  

So, this weekend I going to play golf, mostly likely under rain... mobile/ipad free.
Mobile devices are wonderful and I love them but let's connect to the real world.

February 27, 2014

Banking App designed for Social Media

We're very excited with the launch of our very first banking application specially designed for Facebook and its called BBVA Link.  Initially launched in Chile so we can learn from the process.

Here'e the tutorial in Spanish that explains the main functionalities.

February 26, 2014

Having lunch today with LinkedIn

I had lunch today with LinkedIn executives Laetitia Maur and Henry Clifford-Jones.  I'm a huge fan of LinkedIn's positioning in social media and here at the office we're learning and testing ways to reach and leverage the power of this global professional community.  I found this video on Laetitia's profile that pretty much sums up our conversations today...

February 7, 2014

BBVA Wallet Digital Campaign

I very excited that we're launching this weekend in Spain our new BBVA Wallet Digital Campaign  - an app that allows BBVA mobile banking customers to pay with their smartphone at any venue with a contactless terminal.  I've been using the service for the past five weeks and I enjoy the freedom of just using my iPhone at my local supermarket, Starbucks, cab or movie theater.  I've also had to explain the service to a few merchants, which gives me the opportunity to see their positive feedback.

So far, it's fascinating to see the pace of adoption.  Hundreds of customers are downloading the app on a daily basis.  The technology in mobile banking is one of the most exciting things in my marketing role at BBVA.  More to come...

February 5, 2014

Celebrating 5 Million LigaBBVA Facebook Fans !

One of the most exciting social media initiatives we manage here at BBVA is the LigaBBVA Facebook Community.  We have a dedicated team that works day in day out informing fans from around the World everything that goes on in, what many soccer fans will say, is the best league.

Well, today we're celebrating 5 Million Fans, a fantastic global community with one thing in common.... a passion for LigaBBVA.