February 28, 2014

Need to consciously pause during downtime

This morning, during my bus commute to the office I was stuck to my ipad reading the Financial Times headlines, an article on mobile shopping in Brazil's Exame, checked calendar and inbox to prepare for day, sent a LinkedIn message to a friend in Rio who started a new job.  By the time I left the elevator on my floor, I was half way through a fantastic EY global consumer banking survey.  A quick burger for lunch reading sports news on marca.com and checking our very own ligaBBVA.com.  

From screen to screen.  

I realize I need to consciously pause during downtime to reconnect with what's around me.  After I spoke to a co-worker about this, he sent me a YouTube link of a Coke campaign called Social Media Guard, that is based exactly on that insight.  

So, this weekend I going to play golf, mostly likely under rain... mobile/ipad free.
Mobile devices are wonderful and I love them but let's connect to the real world.

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