February 26, 2010

Care for some local sausage on your way up the slopes?

Flying back from a 2-week vacation in Europe (reason why I haven't been blogging as much as I'm used to), I read a great article in BusinessWeek about a surge in the 'buy local' movement. This is something my wife and I have always believed in.

Coincidently, my Family and I were skiing at a very quaint resort last week called Le Diablerets in Switzerland and it struck me how that particular community is so proud of their local products. You could feel it at the local supermarket, at the little laiterie across the street from our auberge, the week-end farmer's market and even at the ski lift. Yes, the ski lift. This is a photo I took at one of the main ski lifts where one of the local producers of sausages and cheese was showcasing his products. Pretty unusual way to get your message out. I loved it.

February 13, 2010

Toddy on Facebook

Toddy - one of Brazil's coolest brands among millennials - is now on Facebook where fans can see in real-time how three cutting-edge Brazilian graffitti artists (Cusco, Carla Barth, Estudio Alice) are collaborating on the cow that is part of the Sao Paulo Cow Parade exhibit.