August 21, 2012

I went to an Apple Authorized Dealer here in São Paulo called A2YOU the other day.  I needed some technical support for our MacBook.  My younger daughter went with me and immediately went to one of the Mac stations.  I was surprised when a salesperson came over and asked permission if she could answer an online survey on her thoughts and perceptions of Apple products.  I was quite amazed that they would be interested in the opinion of a 10-year-old.

As a marketer who is used to commissioning market research, it was interesting to see the type of questionnaire they're using to better understand their fan base.  The Apple experience still surprises me in so many positive ways.

New Oreo campaign in Argentina

Here's our new Oreo TV campaign in Argentina.  

The spot communicates the new 4 pack.  This packaging initiative is a response to Moms who are looking for smaller pack formats for kids on the go.  The campaign, created by the DraftFCB Buenos Aires Team, uses the brand's well-known twist-lick-and-dunk ritual, this time in a completely different setting....

There are so many wonderful campaigns coming out of Argentina lately.  One of the things I personally enjoy is the acting.  I hope you like this particular execution.

From a marketing perspective, Oreo is one of those magical brands easy to fall in love with.  It's amazing how this little cookie can inspire so much creativity around the World.

August 4, 2012

Ordering pizza on the go

This is our Club Social Pizza launch campaign created by agency DraftFCB.  You only have two ways to order pizza on-the-go... trying to get the pizza delivery guy to find you wherever you may be (which is not easy if you're a skateboarder), or trying out our new product launch.
Your choice.