July 28, 2014

Roadmap to the future of marketing

I received this interesting chart on the roadmap to the future of marketing. It didn't come with a source.  If anyone knows who developed it, I'd like to learn about the author.

July 4, 2014

Banks@Google in Paris & visiting the Google Cultural Institute

I'm in Paris today participating in the Banks@Google event. In the afternoon, we visited the amazing Google Cultural Institute to see how they are digitalizing the World's best artwork from the most prestigious museums. The hi-res artwork was projected on a massive screen and you could zoom in and look at all the details. Fascinating.

It made me imagine how much technology will impact they way future generations will learn.

Below a video I found on Youtube explaining how to use the their online resource.

 One of the pieces digitalized is Sans Titre from one of my favorite Brazilian grafitti artists: Osgemeos, from the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art. I loved the experience.