July 26, 2015

A more human side of mobile payments

This is BBVA Chile's campaign launching BBVA Wallet.  The story starts with the typical situation of a guy showing a friend his new mobile payment app and its instant notification feature.  Early adopters enjoy talking about their new toys.  He then realizes his wife has gone shopping but misreads the situation completely.

Advertising within financial services has traditionally been about product offers.  Communication focused more on the 'what' and not necessarily on why people make purchasing decisions and how new banking technology is changing people's behavior and relationship with money.  It was good to see how this campaign shows mobile banking embedded in a more natural day-to-day situation.

July 4, 2015

Curbside pickup

Walking through Washington DC last week I saw this sign at a restaurant. It made me think that there's a huge opportunity for services offered by a curbside pickup model.  Airlines have done a good job at certain airports and drive-thru ATMs and fast food chains as well.  In urban sprawls like Los Asngeles, São Paulo, Mexico City or Shanghai where people spend so much commuting time in their vehicles and parking is a nightmare, and if you combine this need with the one-click convenience that Über has developed, suddenly there's a potentially interesting new business opportunity for drugstores, grocery items, laundry or a combination ecommerce/curbside pickup that reduces mailing costs.