December 26, 2012

How Jaws got me thinking about multi-generational marketing

This Holiday Season made me think about the opportunities for multi-generational marketing.  A few nights ago, I enjoyed watching Spielberg's classic Jaws with my daughters, who saw the film for the very first time.  It was a chance for me to tell them about how impactful this particular film was when it first came out.  For Christmas, I gave them a long skateboard, which reminded me just how much I enjoyed it when I was their age.  At our local park, it's one of those activities that brings together dads and their kids.

I notice that, every so often, I find myself exposing them to certain brands, experiences and little pieces of pop culture that were part of my story.  Brands that strike an emotional chord to me.  Brands that, deep inside, I selfishly wish can also be part of their story.  There are few brands that I think are riding this wave very well..  From Converse All Stars, to the comeback of American muscle cars with their retro 60's feel, to annimation scripts carefully written to connect to different generations... you see this manifest in so many ways.

The organizers of the Rock-In-Rio Music Festival have done an outstanding job marketing to the thousands of Brazilians who went to the first festival back in 1985.  At the concerts held last year in Rio, you could see the power of two generations enjoying the same experience.

What other multi-generational opportunities are out there?

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