January 29, 2014

Finally using my smartphone as a debit card... and doing some research along the way

In the past two weeks, I've been using our most recent innovation - BBVA Wallet - as a substitute for my debit card at the drugstore in front of our office building here in Madrid, to the local Starbucks, to the tapas place I sometimes go for lunch.

The other night walking back from the gym I stopped at our neighborhood supermarket El Corte Ingl├ęs.  As I pulled out my phone to pay for the bill, the guy working at the cash register started talking to me about how he was also a BBVA customer and that he downloaded the app as well and was testing the service.  I immediately took the opportunity to do a little personal research asking him all sorts of questions about payment behavior at the check out.  Now I want to talk to him every once in a while to see how people are reacting to the new service.  Being someone who interacts with so many shoppers during the day, without knowing it, Pablo has become a wonderful resource for me to better understand customer behavior when it comes to mobile banking adoption.

I'm very excited with this launch, initially in Spain and working this week on the campaign created by DDB.

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