November 28, 2014

Repositioning peanut brittle

My wife was in the kitchen the other day preparing peanut brittle for a school function.  She asked me to try It out.  I don't like peanut brittle but in the how-to-be-a-good husband manual there's probably a chapter on providing candid feedback to kitchen experiments.  My immediate reaction: "It tates burnt", I said, worried that my comments would trigger a hell's kitchen moment.  She surprised me by going back to work testing other variations without saying a word.  After finishing a batch she thought was promising, she asked me try it.  I really hate peanut brittle, so this time I politely refused saying I was sure she had gotten this recipe right.

The next day, knowing how much I crave ice cream, she told me she had made pralines that I could use as a topping.  I absolutely love pralines!  Her pralines over a dulce de leche scoop was heaven. Once the bowl was empty, I was a little suspicious, so I asked if she hadn't just broken the peanut brittle into small pieces.  Her answer: "Yes Honey, isn't that what you call marketing?".

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