May 5, 2009

A snapshot of consumers the moment they are interacting with the new Doritos flavor

A few weeks ago, I posted the story of our Doritos Sweet Chili launch and how we are using augmented reality on-pack. One of the very cool things about this technology is that, as a marketer, you can go online and see hundreds of photos of consumers the moment they released their Doritos Lovers. It's a glimpse of that very moment they were impacted by the technology. You see their expressions and how they interact with the virtual character.

How many marketing initiatives we end up deploying and never get to see the consumer the moment he is being impacted?

Looking at all the pictures on is fascinating and it shows how technology can play an awesome role in terms of experiential marketing.... with the advantage that, in this case, we can actually see how our consumers are having fun with our product.

Pretty cool stuff.

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JairoJunior said...

Yesterday I was with you and my collegues at ESPM, when you presented us to Doritos Lovers. A real stunning branding experience. O showed Sweet Chili page to some of my friends, who really love DL.
I myself posted something on one of my blogs which is related to pop culture, internet, toy art and comics:

Thanks for your kick ass presentation.