July 3, 2009

What's in the head of Brazilian Millenials? And how this inspired us to develop a new potato chip

We start the month of July airing our new Ruffles TV campaign to launch a limited edition called Ruffles Do Seu Jeito ('your way'). Two new flavors developed with the input from our online collaboration panel. There's a guy version: BBQ Ribs. And one for girls: cream cheese.
For those who don't know Portuguese, the first spot starts saying that we got into the head of girls to find out what they like in order to develop a new flavor for Ruffles. Well, they like guys, shoes, guys, shoes... and to kiss (which in Portuguese rimes with cheese). So, the joke is that that's what inspired us to launch a cream cheese-flavored potato chip for girls.

When it comes to the guys, it's pretty much single-minded: girls, girls, girls. In this case, the joke is that girls came from ribs, which inspired us to make a BBQ Rib-flavored potato chip.

The campaign was created by AlmapBBDO.

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Djeh said...

Very good!! It reminded me a light version of the movie "Orange Clockwork" combined to a documentary´s language. The fast rhythm is also nice.