May 17, 2010

Campaign for NatuChips - all-natural chips made from Brazilian Roots

This is our TV campaign for NatuChips - a line of all-natural chips made from Brazilian roots: Mandioquinha (arracacha in English) and Inhame (taro).

The copy reinforces naturalness and freshness with a touch of humor. It actually takes between 12-36 hours from the moment these roots are harvested and are produced at our plant in Sete Lagoas (state of Minas Gerais).

NatuChips also follows a global trend towards clean labels. In our case, just three ingredients: roots, palm oil and salt.

Creative by AlmapBBDO.

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Anonymous said...

Carlos, boa tarde!
Veja isto: Tostitos Frito Lay Sensacional publicidade em vídeo com efeito 3D. Fantástico!

Alexandre Silva