December 4, 2011

Mocotó - celebrating food from Brazil's Northeast

São Paulo is known for its amazing restaurant scene. Outstanding sushi bars, authentic lebanese restaurants, quaint French bistros, Portuguese bakeries and the very Brazilian churrascarias. But Brazilian food is more than meat on skewers.

Last night, we had dinner at a place that has been getting tremendous amount of buzz: Mocotó - a restaurant specialized in food from Brazil's Northeast and also a cachaçaria (bar specialized in Brazil's famous sugarcane spirit). The experience blew me away. Located in the Vila Medeiros - neighborhood - rather far from where you would expect to find a great restaurant. It took us about 35 minutes to get there but it was certainly worth the drive. Absolutely fantastic! Rodrigo Oliveira added some culinary magic to his father's already famous restaurant. Two generations coming together to celebrate the flavors, aromas, textures and drinks from one of the most culturally-diverse regions of Brazil.

I found this video on YouTube which gives you a little feel for this place. This is a must-go place when you come to São Paulo.

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