October 12, 2012

The frustrations of online customer service

My younger daughter was recently admitted to the Swiss-Brazilian School here in São Paulo, so the other day, I ended up buying a Rosetta Stone German Level I software at the Miami International Airport.  I heard good things about this learning program, so I was excited to come home and install it.  Valentina was excited too, as she sat next to me and we went through the different steps.  To our frustration we couldn't get the program to run.  We tried several times, installing, uninstalling, reading the instructions over and over to find out what the problem was.

We finally decided to go to their website and call them with our doubts.  No luck.  We couldn't get anyone to answer the phone.  Ok, so then we tried the 'chat now' button.... wait.... wait... wait... no luck.

Online service is supposed to be a wonderful resource, a natural evolution of the old call centers... are companies taking it seriously?

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