September 8, 2012

The newsstand of tomorrow... cool urban space or app store?

On weekends, I enjoy going to the newsstand to buy the paper and check out anything new.  Because I like the ritual of going there and browsing, I never feel inclined to subscribe to my favorite magazines.  Although, I've also been downloading a number of non-Brazilian publications on the iPad, there's something special about looking at the covers, flicking through the pages and picking out a title that I usually don't on a regular basis more like an exercise of exploration.

From a marketing standpoint, this is also an impulse channel that has huge potential and is very underdeveloped.

Some newsstands here in São Paulo are fantastic but the vast majority are pretty standard, nothing special about them.  I was happy to read that Abril - Brazil's leading magazine publisher - has just launched a contest for architects and engineers to design the next generation of newsstands.  The winning concept will be built in a new renovated public space adjacent to the Largo da Batata subway station.

I'm very curious to see what will come out of this movement.

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