September 6, 2012

Bacardi with a good friend

This week, I met with my friend Fabio di Giammarco - the guy who runs Bacardi Brazil .  I keep forgeting how nice it is to meet with friends for a drink, enjoy good conversation and chill out after a day at the office.  I got a do more of that.  Fabio has one of those dream jobs, working on a cool category with legendary brands.  We ended up talking marketing (which is inevitable) and he talked about his new campaign for Bacardi Green Apple.

I love the campaign.  The suspense of people taking to the streets protesting... the release of the senses...  and the urban cool vibe of a great bar scene celebrated with the World's most famous rum.  The production quality (do you see the bat graffitti on the brick wall?) and sound track is amazing.  Campaign created by Agência Peralta, São Paulo.

I told you he had a dream job.


Fabio Di Giammarco said...
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Fabio Di Giammarco said...

Grande Carlos. Your blog rocks, as always.