May 1, 2013

From here on it's pretty much all new...

I've always believed that, for all of us who have an appreciation of how technology is helping us to become a truly global community, it's only natural that, fom time to time, we feel the need to live different experiences. To step outside of the sandbox we end up creating for ourselves. I guess my desire for change operates more or less on a four to five year cycle.

So, after six years in São Paulo, I've decided to accept an exciting offer from BBVA - one of the World's leading financial groups - to lead their Marketing / Advertising / Sponsorship teams, based in Madrid. A complete professional change from years in consumer marketing working on fantastic brands like Pepsi, 7Up, Doritos, Quaker, Oreo... to financial services, which is becoming more tech than ever.

In fact, the digital/mobile revolution that is taking place in the world of banking is one of the reasons I'm so enthusiastic with my challenge ahead. BBVA has been aggressively investing in new technology platforms for decades with the vision of making it easier for people to build the future they want for themselves. Take a look at their awesome innovation center here in Madrid.

Other reasons for my excitement are the amazing sports marketing assets the group has, like the LigaBBVA - title sponsor of the world's best soccer league, as well as, BBVA - official bank of the NBA.

However, a big life-changing decision shouldn't only be about career. Relocating to a new country also adds a fascinating new perspective on everyday life. That's why I'm thrilled that we're moving to Spain. So far, my life has gravitated between Brazil, Latin America and the United States, a cultural blend that has made me into who I am. Now, my Family and I look forward to writing new stories, exploring new paths.

From here on, it's pretty much all new...

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