May 19, 2014

Ibiza, Phoenicians and the Balearic Salt Production

After a year travelling around beautiful Spain, I fell in love with the Balearic Islands.  In our last visit to Ibiza, two weeks ago, we drove past the Sal de Ibiza salt evaporation ponds located in the southern part of the island.  Beautiful scenery, which I later found out has an amazing history.

When I travel, I like to discover local brands as much as I do local flavors.  So, I did some reading about the origins of the salt industry on the Sal de Ibiza website.  I was amazed to learn that Ibiza was originally colonized by the Phoenicians in the 8th Century BC and the first official reference to Ibiza's sea salt dates back to 540 BC when the Carthaginians conquered the island.  Under the Roman Empire, the saltworks were run from 122 BC until the empire fell in 476 AD.

How many industries can trace their history so far back in time?

It's fascinating to see how Sal de Ibiza has brought innovation and design to such a traditional category:  sea salt with hibiscus, with chili, a line of chips lightly salted with Sal de Ibiza,  and even a chocolate bar a la flor de sal.  I guess once the snacks marketing is still in me.

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