September 8, 2014

An Electric Car experience through Bluemove

Yesterday, my wife and decided to take our daughters to a water park in the outskirts of Madrid. Since the corporate car we ordered has not arrived, we needed to rent a vehicle.  So, my wife enrolled in one of Madrid's new car sharing services called Bluemove.

Through their app, we found out the car we had reserved was located a block away and, to our surprise, when we got there it was a Peugeot iOn 100% Electric.  My first experience driving an electric car (the golf cart doesn't count).  The park was an hour away so when we got there, I was a little concerned since the vehicle has an 130 km autonomy and I had to calculate the drive back home. The waterpark manager helped to find a place we could charge inside their maintenance facility.  He ended up telling us he would discuss the possibility of installing a charging station for the next year's season, since he recognized this is a growing trend.

Good service, cool electric cars, true digital model, no paperwork... I quickly became a Bluemove fan and will spread the news.  As a marketing guy, I love to see good business models thrive.

This is a Bluemove concept video I found on Youtube...

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