September 11, 2014

Simplicity - the killer app for any business disruption

I'm convinced that simplicity is the most significant ingredient in any business disruption.

Sound pretentious, maybe?  But think about it.  In Apple's highly anticipated media event this week, Apple Pay was presented as a revolution in payment systems based on a one click mobile solution to the hassle of opening your wallet, selecting a card, swiping... you know the drill.  What makes Apple Pay, special:  simplicity.

Four years ago, Zipcar totally disrupted the car rental category by launching the peer-to-peer car sharing movement.  Why?  Because the business model was based on simplifying the pain and paperwork of renting a car the traditional way.

Easy Taxi and so many other similar apps around the World are redefining the taxi experience because of how simple it is to call, track and pay for a cab.  Another example of a one-click app that is very useful during rush hour or on a rainy day in any urban jungle.

So the next time you complain about how difficult, awkward, cumbersome, complicated, frustrating, annoying, aggravating, painful it is do anything in your day-to-day life.... stop... and think that if you come up with a cool mobile way of simplifying the process, you're at the verge of developing a killer app with the potential of disrupting an entire business category.

Let's make things...

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