October 24, 2014

Reminding Virginia to think about her future

Here at BBVA Spain, we just launched a Campaign called "Acuérdate de tu futuro / Remember your future" based on the insight that it's very hard for people to visually imagine themselves at an older age.  And because you don't build that imagine in your mind, you think it's never coming.  Worse, not everyone actually plans for the day it does.

Our ad agency DDB created this campaign that was produced with real people, non-actors, who went through a make-up session not knowing what was going on.  They were asked about what they wanted to do in the future.  Then, they were filmed seeing their reaction in the mirror.  The result builds a compelling case for people to take a second a thought about their pension plans.

This is one of the executions (in Spanish) from a woman called Virgina.

This is another execution with Sergio's story...

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