January 22, 2015


During the weekly digital marketing capability program we have here at the office, there was a fascinating session on different online/offline consumer behaviors.  One of them being the concept of showrooming, when someone checks out a product in a traditional retail store and then buys online. When the moderator showed this image, I totally related.

During the holiday season I walked into a small boutique in NY's Chelsea neighborhood and left with a pair of shoes from a brand I had never heard of:  Common Projects.  The salesman did a wonderful job talking about the brand story, their obsession with urban design, Italian manufacturing.... I was sold.

Back in Madrid, I decided to browse through the brand's site and clicking on 'buy online' I was redirected to an amazing multibrand ecommerce platform called thecorner.com that delivers any Common Project shoes in Spain. Perfect.  There I was buying my first pair of shoes online, something I've never done because of a number of reasons. Does the photo reflect the actual model? Will the shoes be comfortable?  Is the leather soft? What is the right size since different brands use different criteria and countries have different standards?  Now, since I have a pair that fits well and a style I relate to, suddenly my fears were over.

I must say that my story also made me feel I little bad since the store experience was exceptionally good but now I ordered my second pair online.  That's why I related so much to this cartoon.

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Alexandre van Beeck said...

Carlos, tem uma loja perto do FlatIron chamada BONOBO's. Ela é a traducão do showrooming. A loja só existe on line e o espaço da loja (no meio do escritório deles) funciona como um showroom. Vc experimenta lá e eles entregam na sua casa.