November 29, 2007

One More Step in our Portfolio Transformation: Sensações® Ao Forno

Here at PepsiCo do Brasil Snacks we started off 2007 with a plan to execute a major portfolio transformation. From creating healthier snacking options, adding more Brazilian food values, expanding our demographic footprint... and hopefully break some packaging rules along the way.

This week we're adding another chapter to our journey with the launch of Brazil's first baked potato chip: Sensações® Ao Forno. This launch, which will be test-marketed in Rio, meets a growing consumer trend. Brazilian adults are looking for convenient ways to help them improve their eating habits through healhtier more natural products, as well as, reducing consumption of sugar, sodium and fried. However, consumers are becoming more demanding... they want healthier options but are not willing to sacrifice on value, convenience and great taste. In the world of snacks, baked has a higher perception but so far options in the market have not delivered great taste. Until now. After over a year of hard work, our R&D Team, led by Ramiro Cordova in Mexico City and Sergio Julio in São Paulo, did an amazing job developing a potato chip that delivers high consumer scores on taste, crunchiness, texture, color and overall product experience. Seems simple, but believe me, for those who manage a product innovation process know that it's not always an easy task.

Sensações® Ao Forno comes in two great flavors: cheese & herbs and roast beef. The product also comes in a stand-up pouch versus the pillow bag found in traditional salty snacks.

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