July 18, 2008

An Inspiring Book on my way to Lausanne...

I'm at the BA Lounge at the Heathrow Airport on my way to Lausanne where I'll be staying for a 1-week leadership program at IMD. I'm very excited.

On my flight, I had fun reading a book called "How to Have Kick-Ass Ideas". The author, Chris Baréz-Brown, is the head of training at the innovation company ?WhatIf! London. The book provides ideas on how to think and act in more creative ways at work and in everyday life. The book not only talks about innovation but is also written in a very cool graphically-creative style full of thought-provoking questions, new concepts and ideas on how to ignite a creative mind. A theme I absolutely love. I thought it was the perfect reading material for a long flight. Chris visited us in our São Paulo office last week.

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