July 5, 2008

An organization helping Brazilian companies go organic

Yesterday I met with Ming Liu, from OrganicsBrasil - an organization that is dedicated to promoting Brazilian organic products in the International market, an ambitious project of bringing together organic growers, manufacturers and accredited certifiers.  I had already noticed a strong presence of Brazilian organic producers at some of the food trade shows I've visited lately (which made me particularly happy since my wife has been an organic fan for years).  Brazil, which is already an agricultural superpower with it's amazingly rich biodiversity and vast natural resources, has all the elements to become a major player in the growing market for organic products.  The companies participating in the OrganicsBrasil initiative cover a wide range of categories from the açaí superfruit, to coffee beans, cosmetics, sugarcane products, to whole grains.   

So, next time you shop at Whole Foods, expect to see more organic products Made in Brazil.

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