November 16, 2008

Time to learn from an online movement that has made History

Last week, I spent some time with a few members of our marketing team going over the Barak Obama for America website. We are in the middle of reviewing a prototype of a cool online collaboration project and I thought it would be instructive to learn from the Obama movement. Wow, did we get a lot of inspiring lessons. Valuable lessons on how to focus on the message in simple direct terms with no distractions, as well as how they created actionable online resources to allow everyday people to spark the movement within their local community. Brilliantly done. 

A few days later, our account executive at AlmapBBDO told me the agency is finalizing a comprehensive review of the entire campaign to share with clients and create of forum for discussion on how businesses like ours can learn from this historic movement and fine tune our communication strategies. Although the campaign is over, it's amazing to see how the Obama Movement has changed they way the market will look at the internet as a powerful force of engagement and collaboration. 

Lessons from a Cultural Movement that understood like never before, that it's all about YOU.

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Alexandre van Beeck said...

Sem dúvida que Obama está quebrando diversos paradigmas e sua campanha foi a primeira a utilizar a estratégia on line de forma efetiva.
E não vai parar: Hoje li na capa do NYT uma matéria sobre o "vício" de Obama com o Blackberry durante sua campanha e como a Casa Branca terá que se adaptar aos novos hábitos do novo presidente.