February 28, 2009

Back up system for our MacBook

Ever since we bought our MacBook a few years ago we have been carelessly using it without any back up system which obviously made me very worried. 

So, enough of procrastination.  I just got back from São Paulo's new Apple authorized dealer called A2YOU where I finally upgraded our MacBook to the Mac OS X Leopard which comes with Time Machine. Time Machine automatically keeps a copy of everything we have on our Mac... our digital photos, music and my wife's recipes. What's really cool is that it not only keeps a copy of every file, it remembers how our system looked on any specific day, which means we can revisit how our computer appeared in the past.  I wish I had the same capabilities with the computer we use at the office.

I also bought the Western Digital My Passport for Mac, a portable hard drive that I found simple to use and easy to carry around on future business trips.  A great combination for peace of mind. No more worries.

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