February 23, 2009

True North on Oscar Night

One of the downsides of living in Sao Paulo is that I miss the advertising break during big media events like the Super Bowl (which makes me realize that cable operators could easily benefit from a pay-per-view package including the original advertising targeting the local marketing and advertising community). I'm in Miami this week getting away from the carnival frenzy back home. So, I was able to watch the Oscar's ceremony on Sunday night with some friends in Coral Gables.

Knowing True North - Frito-Lay's new line of premium natural nut snacks - was scheduled to make a huge impact at the Oscar's, I took some bags I bought at Whole Foods to share with my friends (they loved the pistachio crisps).

The campaign is awesome, telling stories of real people who are doing something extraordinary with their lives.... finding their true north. The TV spot I particularly loved was called “Inspiration CafĂ©,” which tells the inspiring story of Lisa Nigro, the founder of a restaurant that serves the homeless and provides job training and fellowship to its customers.

Beautifully inspiring...

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