February 14, 2009

Online destinations I enjoy...

A few online destinations I enjoy...

Scott Goodson's Writings by the inspirational creative mind behind StrawberryFrog__ an agency that is all about the power of sparking cultural movements.  

IDEO Eyes Open defines itself as a gathering place for interesting experiences that resonate with emerging themes in our lives, our communities, and our world. 

Trendwatching is always a fun place to go to read about trends that are emerging around the world captured by over 8,000 spotters.

For those you have a connection to Brazil and read in Portuguese, Update Or Die is an awesome example of the power of collaboration.  A new generation of Brazilian talents, in the field of advertising, journalism, marketing and technology have teamed up to produce one of the country's most influential blogs. 

Also try
Alexandre Van Beeck's blog. A new voice who has a good eye for insights, marketing trends and how new technologies are reshaping the landscape. I can always count on Van Beeck's blog to find something new.

O Pequi is a wonderful blog that celebrates design, photography and fashion.  A nice pause after a week of powerpoints and business proposals.

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Alexandre van Beeck said...

UAU! Quanta generosidade!
Ser citado ao lado de nomes que são referencias para mim também (como Trendwatching,IDEO e o UoD) , me enche de orgulho e aumenta a minha responsabilidade.
Obrigado por suas palavras,