March 2, 2010

NatuChips - made from Brazilian roots

In a few days an exciting new snack concept we have been developing for the past year will hit the shelves all over Brazil: NatuChips.

There has been a growing interest among Brazilians consumers for products that celebrate local food staples. The growth of açai, coconut water or guaraná-enhanced energy drinks are examples of how Brazilian are re-discovering local tastes... from fruits to roots.

NatuChips is a great way for Brazilians to try something completely different in terms of snacking... different, but very close to their food culture. NatuChips comes in two great-tasting options: Inhame chips (known in English as taro) and Mandioquinha chips (known as arrancacha). We're very excited with this launch.

Try them out and drop me a line with your thoughts.

1 comment:

chris said...

Hi Ricardo,
I am a big fan of both products. With them you tackle many different trends which converge to people seeking local products with local ingredients - not only food but music, clothing, etc. Just one question: is this a re-branding project once you already had both roots being sold under "Sabores da Terra" brand?
Abraço! Christian