April 11, 2014

The Advantage of MyTaxi App for a Parent of Teenage Daughters

Here in Madrid, I'm hooked on MyTaxi App and like any good service I've talked about it to friends.

Since it has been a year now without a car, as a Family, we use a lot of cabs.  Anybody who uses these taxi apps today knows how convenient they are.  However, I realize there's another clear benefit for someone like me who has a pre-teen and a teenage daughter.  It's wonderful from a security perspective.  When we need to send a cab to pick one of our daughters up from an after-school activity we usually use a taxi driver we have known since we arrived in the city.  However, the other day he was off duty so I used the MyTaxi App.  The piece of mind is that the app displays the driver's name, photo, vehicle and license plate.  For someone who has personally been a victim of urban violence, this is a great product feature.

I wonder what other ways technology can provide people with a sense of security?

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metamike said...

I usually use Cabify App, it´s like My Taxi app with top brand vehicles (Mercedes, BMW,...), I agree with you, useful for parents and perfect for nights in big cities like Madrid.