April 2, 2014

Small contribution to the soccer-related economy

Just a little over 2 months before planet earth stops to watch 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Behind  this global event is an amazing multi-billion dollar business.  In a year like this, it's only natural that my soccer consumption dramatically increases.  I have been going to the stadium at least twice a week and  I just made a very small contribution to the soccer-related economy by buying a professional fussball table from a company called RS Barcelona.  The online buying experience was great, allowing a variety of customization options.  We settled for a white table, black pitch with the players representing defending World Cup Champions Spain against my legendary Brazil National Team (no other choice would do).  The only detail missing was that I wanted to have the name of the players hand-painted on the back of the jerseys, a detail I would have paid an extra to have.

Enjoying evening fun while the World Cup doesn't start...

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Jose Luis said...

Love the options they give you to make the table your own. Guess the only thing missing is a licensing agreement with Clubs and National Teams.

There is a company called Proyectum Sport(minigols.com) that does have licensing agreements with certain teams. This basically allows you to interchange players as you wish in your line-up. More importantly, it offers the company the opportunity to sell you more than the standard 22 players. As a soccer fan you probably would want to buy some of your favorite teams.