October 17, 2007

ANUGA 2007

I just got back from ANUGA 2007 - the world's largest food & beverage trade show which is held in Cologne, Germany every two years. I was blown away by the sheer size of the event (11 pavillions, more than 6600 exhibitors from 95 countries) and by the amazing amount of innovations that were showcased in categories ranging from bakery, frozen foods, meat, organic to beverages. For those who love innovation... Anuga is a must-see.


Gilvan said...

Ricardo: congratulations for the blog! I love to work with and to read everything related to innovations, and it is great to see someone writing real experiences.
Anuga is really a great event to see!
Some weeks ago I went to the FI London and there was a parallel event on Natural Ingredients, which has been my more recent professional focus.
Although not completely regulated, consumers are more and more looking for naturalness (at least a perception!)in the products, and this is in line with insights mentioned in your previous post concerning the search for the perception of "home-made" style in ready-to-eat products.

Carlos Ricardo said...

We need to get together and exchange notes on your findings in the world natural products. This is exactly our area of focus when we developed Elma Chips Sabores da Terra®... the results are paying off. We're having a tough time keeping up with demand. In our qual groups, consumers value the fact that they see the fibers in the yucca and taro chips, they like the fact that each chip is different in size and shape... the natural feel that you mention. Please let me know when you come to São Paulo so we can continue this dialogue.