December 4, 2008

Fun way to motivate kids to brush

I've noticed that my two daughters are taking more time brushing their teeth ever since my wife bought them the Firefly® Toothbrush. If you haven't seen one, this is a toothbrush with a light that flashes during 60 seconds helping children develop proper brushing habits. My girls like to dim the bathroom light and see the flashing effect on the mirror.

What a great product concept and what a smart name. It's one of those simple ideas that I wish I had early in my career when I worked in the oral care category.

Another cool idea in the toothbrush world is the Volight® Toothbrush Sanitzer - a system that eliminates bacteria that thrive in the warm, moist environment of bathrooms. The sanitizer, beautifully dsigned by Philippe Stark, uses technology common in hospitals: a germicidal UV bulb to kill germs. A blue glow lets you know the sanitizer is working.

Interesting to see how both innovations use light in a smart way.

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