April 20, 2008

Creating a New Consumption Occasion with the help of Pizza Hut

Despite record growth we have been having with our Doritos® business here in Brazil, one of the challenges we face is that Brazilians don't have the habit of dipping tortilla tips in salsas like in the U.S. or Mexico. How do you start developing a new consumption occasion that simply isn't part of the local food culture? One of the ways of doing it is to partner with someone who can give you a hand. In our case here in Brazil, Pizza Hut®. Our Doritos Brand Mgr. Alexandre Chiavegatti worked with Pizza Hut to put the Doritos Nacho experience on the menu. We're extremely happy with the partnership since Pizza Hut is a cool venue for the urban teen and young adult demographic which now can be exposed to the Doritos® brand in a completely new way. It was launched last December and so far it has been working very well.

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