April 12, 2008

Spreading the word on the benefits of Oats

This past week our Quaker marketing team felt the power of TV.  Last Friday, Brazil's highest-rating news program called Globo Reporter - a weekly investigative report format equivalent to CBS 60 Minutes - aired a special report on the health & wellness.  At the office, we were thrilled that the show highlighted the heart-health benefits of oats as a functional food that helps reduce cholesterol levels, one of the risk factors of cardiovascular disease.  The TV show generated tremendous buzz.  Sales of our Quaker line picked up this week. Erika Salgado, our Quaker® Marketing Mgr. and Adriana Ribeiro, our Foods Marketing Dir, both were particularly happy since the content was generated from clinical studies and PR efforts they have been leading. This morning, I went for my periodic cholesterol check-up and ended up doing my own little personal survey. I asked the nurse about oats and she spontaneously and enthusiastically talked about the TV show and how everyone was asking her about the benefits of oats.  

The message is always stronger when it comes from editorial content.

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