April 5, 2008

My Latest Addiction

For the past week, I have been totally addicted to TED... probably the most thought-provoking address on the web. I can't believe I just found this out now. If you already knew, forgive me for being a late comer. If it is not in you bookmarks, time to add it now. TED - which stands for technology, entertainment, design - positions itself as a destination for 'ideas worth spreading'. Click here to access the site. Every night I've been enjoying amazing lectures from people like Chris Bangle (BMW), Paul Bennett (Ideo) or Jan Chipchase (Nokia). TED is definitely my latest addiction.  Spread the word.


Alexandre van Beeck said...

Também sou fã dos "talks" do TED. Não sei se vc usa o iTunes, mas de lá você pode assinar o free podcast do TED e baixar os vídeos conforme são publicados e assistir onde e quando quiser no iPhone(assisto quando estou no trânsito).
Um dos meus recentes posts foi sobre a palestra de Jill Bolte Taylor - excelente!

DJeh said...

Oi, Carlos Ricardo!
Following your tip, I went to TED and I can say I've become already addicted. It's great to see presentations not only from well-known experts like Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell, but also from those not so famous, but still with good content. Thanks for spreading the word. I've started doing the same with some colleagues. Abraco! Gilvan.