December 23, 2007

More on Experiential Marketing... with a Touch of Provence

I was thinking about a memorable Christmas gift idea for someone special who has helped our Family this year in our relocation back to Brazil. My wife, who is always well-informed about what's cool, suggested a day spa gift certificate from L'Occitane®. Coincidently, this week I had read an interesting interview in Gazeta Mercantil with Silvia Gambin, L'Occitane's General Manager in Brazil. The article explains how the French cosmetic giant has just developed a suncreen line called 'Sol do Brasil' using ingredients from Brazil's rich biodiversity, ingredients like 'buriti', cupuaçu' and Brazil nut. According to the article, this new line of products is scheduled to be launched in January in 87 countries and is the first time that L'Occitane® uses typically Brazilian ingredients.

As a true believer in the power of experiential marketing, I enjoyed the in-store experience of choosing the day spa options in a beautifully-printed menu. The gift certificate was wonderfully wrapped and the service was courteous, friendly and down-to-earth... different than the sometimes intimidating feeling you get in these types of stores.

As much as I love the aura, positioning and sustainability model behind Natura® (Brazil's direct sales beauty and wellness giant) there's something unique about a great store environment and the possibility for a customer to live the essence of the brand in a more holistic way like in a spa experience. Now, I'm hoping that someday I'll get a L'Occitane® day spa gift certificate myself to confirm the positive experience I had today.

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