January 20, 2008

The Little Car That Might Change The World...

Every once in while a disruptive innovation comes around and completely changes the status quo. This month, it happened in the auto industry. India's Tata Group unveiled the Nano. The innovation isn't a new hybrid technology, the innovation is all about the value proposition. The Nano will be sold for only US$2,500... a price tag that will certainly revolutionalize the auto business in India, but it may also generate a major disruption beyond the Indian borders. Tata is tapping into the millions of consumers in developing countries starving for the comforts and conveniences that many of us take for granted. What I love about this base-of-the-pyramid story is that this affordable car for the developing world is not being produced by GM, Toyota or Ford... it was designed and is being produced by a company from India. 

The year has just begun... but I believe that we will look back and consider this innovation among the most significant of 2008.  I hope we will see more innovation like this coming from BRIC countries.

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