January 22, 2008

This Year's Theme at Davos... The Power of Collaborative Innovation

I was positively surprised to see that the theme of this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, which starts tomorrow, is “The Power of Collaborative Innovation”. For five days, leaders in government, academia, media and from the business world, will discuss the most significant world affairs. From a marketing perspective, we have been covering on this blog how collaborative innovation is a powerful concept that converts consumers and key stakeholders into active participants in the process of ideation, concept development and validation of product development. Read what was written in today’s International Herald Tribune by Klaus Schwab founder of the World Economic Forum… “…my intuition is that those leaders joining us in Davos this week understand that, in the current global context, collaboration and innovation are highly undervalued concepts - particularly in a world that is shifting from mono-polar, hierarchical structures to multi-polar, flat networks.” 

The same goes for corporations. Smart companies looking for an environment that fosters greater innovation will also need to re-think internal structures and be more open to external input to leverage the power of collaboration.

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