January 29, 2008

No More Jugs

When it came to supplying our household with quality water for drinking and cooking purposes, it bothered me that we hadn't found an ideal situation. Years ago, we looked at installing a reverse osmosis system in our former house in Connecticut but it was too expensive. Here in Sao Paulo, we found ourselves driving to a local spring, filling up a 20-gallon jug and hauling it back home. A week later, we would repeat the cycle. We are fortunate to live close to a spring but the process didn't feel very practical. With the idea of making life easier (and reducing our carbon footprint in the process), I was happy when my wife suggested we order a water purifying system. She selected a model from Brastemp® - leading Brazilian appliance maker. It arrived two days ago. We pay a monthly fee and they service the equipment replacing filters. My only suggestion to the manufacturer would be to include an ice maker in future developments. It feels like we're taking a little step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Mauro said...


Sou eu Mauro Ramos, descobri por acaso este blog.
Muito bom você está de parabéns, ótima seleção de temas e muito bem escrito leve, rápido e direto.
Te desejo todo sucesso com o blog e com a nova linha da Elma Chips. Por aqui nos EUA não temos tanta variedade de salgadinhos da Frito Lay só de tamnhos mas não de paladares. Por que a Frito Lay não traz esta novidade para aqui?