February 1, 2008

Using Color Strategically

Yesterday I had a beer with Jesse Stollak, from Nike Brazil. We worked together in NY a few years ago and I was happy to find out he is now based in Săo Paulo. We talked about a lot of things including some of the projects we worked on together for Pepsi. Jesse mentioned that Corinthians - Brazil’s most popular football team along with Flamengo – just came out with a new Nike jersey. Corinthians’ two official jerseys are white and black, the team’s official colors since the club was founded in 1910. Now, the legendary team announced a third jersey which is completely purple. Purple in Portuguese is ‘roxo’ which for Brazilians means the color of passion… in a more fanatic sense. For instance, a passionate sports fan in Brazil is called ‘torcedor roxo’. So, how appropriate to try and ‘own’ the color purple for a team known for its insanely passionate fan base. A brilliant example, from Corinthians and Nike, on how a simple color can be an innovative way to celebrate the strong emotional connection a brand has on its fans.

It made me think of other companies and brands that have strategically decided to 'own' a color in the hearts and minds of consumers.
Take UPS, the global package delivery company with its ubiquitous brown trucks and its celebrated campaign
"What Can Brown Do For You?"...

Or European mobile telecommunications giant Orange™
with its fun stores where orange is, not only everywhere, but it's also the Brand itself...

How are you using color in your marketing strategies?

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JPS said...

just found your blog! here's another project we are helping to facilitate: www.nikefutebol.com/ronaldo. look forward to the next beers.