February 20, 2008

One of the World's Most Innovative Architects

I find architecture a great inspiration in terms of design and innovation when conceptualizing innovation in consumer products.  In the latest edition of Arquitetura & Construção - one of my favorite magazines in Brazil - there's a wonderful article on Ma Yansong, a 31-year-old Chinese Architect founder of MAD Architectural Design Studio. This guy rocks! Take a look at the amazing 56-floor building, which is referred to as "Marilyn Monroe" being built in Toronto. In MAD's website, this was written on the building: 

"The building is sculpture-like in its overall effect, and its design expresses the universal language of audacity, sensuality and romance."  

I couldn't help but thinking about the power of great design. As I think of packaging, we can certainly find inspiration in many places, from the artwork of restaurant menus to origami to beautiful buildings. Architecture is certainly a wonderful inspiration.

For those who live in São Paulo, Ma Yansong will be a speaker at an Architecture Forum on March 14.  Click here for information on the event

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