February 16, 2008

Real Estate with a Designer's Eye

Since we have moved to São Paulo, I've been looking at the real estate market. I have been disappointed with the online resources available. The sites I have visited are either not user-friendly at all, some are just not responsive and the visual references are a disaster. The photographs are poorly taken so there's no way to really get a sense of the property... well until I found axpe.com.br. I immediately realized there was something different about them. There seemed to be a more rigorous selection of properties and they have done an interesting job in classifying them in a more intuitive way. For example you can select homes that have architectural relevance or homes with a sense of style or homes with great outdoor space or apartments with wonderful views. Oh... and by the way, the photography is done in a very professional way, with good lighting resources and wide-angles when appropriate to get a better idea of space. It's not perfect. They still don't offer the video resources you see in many real estate websites abroad, but I appreciate their sense of esthetics, which I later found out is because Axpe® was founded by ad agency people.  Inspired by the site, I went out with an Axpe® agent, who wasn't a traditional realtor, but an Architect who provided a unique perspective on the properties.... how cool is that?  They definitely have found a differentiated positioning in a cluttered market.

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